Boulevard Charm
and Beyond

Stroll along this enchanting boulevard, where unique restaurants and distinctive shops beckon you to explore. Day and night, it’s an alluring destination that promises unforgettable moments and discoveries at every turn.


Centered around street life and an urban-style public park, 3rd Ave has a dynamic lineup of retailers offering globally-inspired cuisine, timeless home furnishings, entertainment and more.

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Entertainment At Every Corner

3rd Ave Burlington was designed with fun in mind. Come for a game of corn hole, a splash in the fountain, or live music on The Green – Let’s go!

3rd Ave is home to the region’s only Wegmans, plus seven dining options offering everything from meatballs to macchiatos, and everything in between. 

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Upgrade your Oasis

Fixtures and furniture and faucets, oh my! 3rd Ave Burlington is the premier home design and furnishing destination outside of Boston.

Luxury Accommodations